Nov. 23

Is a stainless steel tumbler healthy?

  • Is a stainless steel tumbler healthy?

  • Healthy.

    The stainless steel tumbler adopts food grade stainless steel as the material to ensure that the heavy metal dissolved in the tumbler of water does not exceed the standard, including lead does not exceed the standard. At the same time, the regular stainless steel tumbler inside the lid is made of PC material. This PC material boiled in boiling water does no taste, will not deform. Aprons are made of silica gel and non-toxic material.

    The utility model has the advantages of good thermal insulation performance, light weight, anti-cracking, anti-corrosion, anti-extrusion, heat-resistant sudden change performance, sanitary convenience, etc.

    Acid drinks. If the inner line of the tumbler is made of high manganese and low nickel steel, it cannot be used to hold acid drinks such as fruit juice or carbonated drinks. This material corrosion resistance is poor, easy to aid precipitation of heavy metals, long-term acid drinks may damage human health. In addition, the juice is not suitable for high temperature preservation, so as to avoid the destruction of its nutrients; and the the high sweetness of the drink easily leads to a large amount of microbial breeding and spoilage.

    Milk. Some people take hot milk with them in tumbler. However, dairy products containing acid in the case of stainless steel will play a chemical reaction, not conducive to human health. Microorganism in milk can also accelerate reproduction below higher temperature, let milk decay, go bad, cause abdominal pain, diarrhoea to wait for unwell.

    Stainless Steel Tumbler

    The pursuit of cost-effective words, sure to buy stainless steel, corrosion resistance, full toughness, high temperatures, basically meet our daily needs.

    If there is often bubble milk, coffee and other drinks, it is recommended to buy stainless steel, because milk and coffee are more corrosive, basic can be corroded.

    If you want to buy a better quality tumbler, then choose the inner liner is, the shellofs of stainless steel.

    It should be noted that stainless steel is relatively soft, so cleaning the cup liner, it is best to use a sponge brush car, with other hard material cleaning, will leave scratches.

    Compared with the material alone, it is certainly better, with strong corrosion resistance and acid-base resistance; compared to price, slightly better.

    Choose and buy stainless steel products according to their own use environment to decide, do not spend money on pursuing expenses.